Astuces du Wikia

Before activating this card, discard a Thunder Dragon to add 2 of the necessary LIGHT monsters to your hand, as well as offset the loss of card count.

* Discarding Ojamagic in some way achieves a similar effect.

This card can be useful in a "Fabled" Deck. If you add three copies of Fabled Grimro to your hand, you can discard them to fetch any three other Fabled monsters you may need.

This card also works well with Daybreaker. Add three of it to your hand to potentially swarm in one turn.

Use this card in a "Cipher" Deck to return any 3 LIGHT monsters to your Deck, then add 3 copies of Cipher Wing from your Deck to your hand. Normal Summon the first and Special Summon the other two, then use the first's effect to make the other two Level 8 so you can Xyz Summon Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon.

This card can be used in Counter Fairy decks, to easily search out multiple copies of Bountiful Artemis or Meltiel, Sage of the Sky.

Use it in a "Lightsworn" Deck, to add up to 3 copies of Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress or Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, while potentially sending dead Wulf, Lightsworn Beasts in your hand back to the Deck.

You can use this card to search for two copies of Batteryman AAA and then use them to summon either Batteryman Fuel Cell or Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia.

Use this card to search for 3 copies of Ojama Red and then Normal Summon one to Special Summon the other two from your hand with its effect. If you already have "Ojama Red" in hand, search for another of "Ojama" monster to be Special Summoned by the effect of "Ojama Red".

This card helps easily meet the fusion requirements of Mokey Mokey King since it can add three Mokey Mokey to your hand.

This card can add 3 copies of any "Herald" such as Herald of Orange Light to your hand to potentially negate 3 monster effects.

* You can also add three copies of Effect Veiler to your hand, to negate 3 monster effects.

This card is also useful in Ritual decks as it can search for either Senju of the Thousand Hands or Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

In "Watt" lockdown decks, search 3 copies of Watthopper, Normal Summon "Watthopper" then Summon another one with card such as Photon Lead, One for One, Double Summon, etc.

This card can be used to add up to three copies of Golden Ladybug.

You can use this card in a "Constellar" deck to shuffle unneeded monsters into the deck and search for three copies of Constellar Sombre.

Use this card to add 3 Watapon to your hand, and Special Summon them with their effect. You can then use them as quick tributes for a monster that requires 3 Tributes (Egyptian Gods, Gilford the Lightning, Beast King Barbaros, etc) or to Xyz Summon Number 54: Lion Heart.