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This card can be searcher|searched by A Cat of Ill Omen, The Despair Uranus, Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo and Ninjitsu Art Notebook.

If you use high-Level monsters in your Deck to Special Summon by this card's effect, you can avoid dependence on your opponent's monsters' Levels by using high-Level "Ninja" monsters to use with this card that are easy to Summon, such as Earth Armor Ninja and Twilight Ninja Getsuga, the Shogun.

* Although Flame Armor Ninja is a Level 4 monster, it can use its effect on itself to boost its Level.

Blue Dragon Ninja and White Dragon Ninja can be used for this card to Summon, in order to keep a consistent "Ninja" theme for one's Deck.

Chain this card to an effect that would inflict a lot of damage to you such as Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max. Special Summon Prime Material Dragon and you get to gain LP instead, and have a powerful monster that protects your monsters from destruction.

If you no longer control the monster Special Summoned by this card's effect, use cards like Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy or Magic Planter to make use of this now-useless card.

This card can be used to Summon out Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 and destroying a monster to level it up into Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8, then by using the original Ninjitsu Art of Transformation you can summon out Dark Simorgh and have a lock down on spell and traps on the field.

If you Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon by this card's effect, try to use its effect as soon as possible in order for it to be unaffected by this card.

Tyrant Dragon is an interesting monster to Special Summon with this card, since it can attack twice during each Battle Phase, and its own effect will negate and destroy this card (once Summoned) without being affected.

Keep in mind the dangers of using too many high-Level monsters for this card to Summon, as they can accumulate in hand before you get to use this card, or the dangers of using too many copies of this card in the Deck.

* To offset the former, consider using cards like Trade-In, Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, or other generic cards that require a discard as a cost.