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This card can be searched by Single Purchase, Frontline Observer, Painful Escape, Sangan, Resonator Engine, Vampire Dragon, Dragunity Corsesca, "Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue" and Witch of the Black Forest.

Special Summon this card by the effect of Goblindbergh, then activate its effect to Special Summon 2 Level 4 monsters from your Deck; then a Xyz Monster that requires 3 Level 4 monsters, such as Number 16: Shock Master, Number 32: Shark Drake, Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon, One-Eyed Skill Gainer, Vylon Disigma etc can be Xyz Summoned.

* If the Warrior monsters were Special Summon, Xyz Summon Heroic Champion - Kusanagi with them.

Use Creepy Coney to deal 2000 damage in "Rabbit" Decks.

Special Summon 2 monsters with 1000 ATK or less then activate Tannhauser Gate to combine their Levels. With this, it's possible to Xyz Summon high-Ranked Xyz Monsters, such as Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis, Number 25: Force Focus, Sword Breaker, Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings, Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis etc.

Special Summon 2 copies of Water Spirit to tune them with Vylon Epsilon and Synchro Summon Vylon Omega.

* Also, it is possible to combine their Levels with "Tannhauser Gate" and tune them with Red Dragon Archfiend to Synchro Summon Red Nova Dragon.

Special Summon 2 Level 3 monster to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon; during the owner's next turn, activate the effect of "Leviair" to Special Summon this banished card and use its effect again to Xyz Summon another monster.

Use this card's effect to bring out multiple copies of "Elemental HERO" monsters like Elemental HERO Burstinatrix or Elemental HERO Avian to set up Xyz Summons or future Miracle Fusion plays.

* This works especially well with "Leviair the Sea Dragon" since "Rescue Rabbit" and "Miracle Fusion" both banish monsters that can be Special Summoned by "Leviair".

* With "Elemental HERO" monsters, Special Summon 2 copies of "Elemental HERO Avian", "Elemental HERO Burstinatrix", Elemental HERO Clayman or Elemental HERO Sparkman to Summon Elemental HERO Great Tornado, Elemental HERO Nova Master, Elemental HERO Gaia or Elemental HERO The Shining, respectively, since they just require any "Elemental HERO" monsters and a monster of the respective Attribute.

Banish this card to Special Summon two copies of a Dinosaur monster like Uraby or Sabersaurus to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka or Evolzar Laggia.

Banish this card to Special Summon two copies of a Warrior monster like Warrior Dai Grepher or Dark Blade to Xyz Summon Blade Armor Ninja or Heroic Champion - Excalibur.

Banish this card to Special Summon two copies of a LIGHT monster like Neo the Magic Swordsman or Alexandrite Dragon to Xyz Summon Starliege Paladynamo or Constellar Omega.

Banish this card to Special Summon two copies of Evilswarm Heliotrope to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Ophion or Evilswarm Bahamut.

This card can be used in a "Gem-Knight" Deck to Special Summon 2 "Gem-Knight Garnet|Garnets", 2 "Gem-Knight Tourmaline|Tourmalines" or 2 "Gem-Knight Sapphire|Sapphires" to Fusion Summon any of the "Gem-Knight" Fusion Monster.

* Use Particle Fusion to Fusion Summon and increase the Fusion Monster's ATK.

After the monsters are Special Summoned by this effect, use Natural Tune to Synchro Summon for an even-Level Synchro Monster like Formula Synchron, Armory Arm, Iron Chain Dragon or Stardust Dragon.

* Alternatively, Special Summon 2 LIGHT Attribute monsters, such as "Alexandrite Dragon", and use Lightwave Tuning on one of them for an instant Synchro Summon.

Special Summon 2 copies of Gladiator Beast Andal and Contact Fusion|Contact Fuse Gladiator Beast Essedarii. Alternatively, Special Summon Test Tiger from the hand and shuffle "Andal" to the Deck to get a Gladiator Beast Bestiari followed by a Contact Fusion for Gladiator Beast Gyzarus.

Special Summon 2 copies of X-Saber Anu Piranha and be able to Special Summon XX-Saber Faultroll and activate Gottoms' Emergency Call for two Synchro Summons.

Special Summon 2 copies of Chamberlain of the Six Samurai, allowing Great Shogun Shien to Special Summoned from the hand, and then Overlay for a Rank 3 Xyz Monster.

Special Summon any two "Ojama" Normal Monsters with the same name using this card and then use Polymerization to Fusion Summon Ojama Knight.

Special Summon 2 copies of "Alexandrite Dragon" or Gene-Warped Warwolf and then Tribute them to Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

Have Mira the Star-Bearer on the field before using this card's effect. This will allow Special Summoned monsters to stay alive.

If the opponent has a banished "Rescue Rabbit" and the owner is playing an "The Agent|Agent" Deck, Xyz Summon "Leviair the Sea Dragon" using either Tour Guide From the Underworld or The Agent of Creation - Venus and Genex Ally Birdman, then use the effect of "Leviair" to Summon the opponent's banished "Rescue Rabbit", use its effect, and Summon two copies of Mystical Shine Ball from the owner's Deck. This is especially good because if they used Gold Sarcophagus on it, they will no longer receive it when its effect expires.

This can be used as support in a Ritual Deck that uses Advanced Ritual Art to make further use of the Normal Monsters.

This card works well with Infected Mail, as the monsters Special Summoned by this effect will be destroyed at the end of the turn anyway.

This card can also be used in combination with Double Summon, which allows yourself to Tribute the two Special Summoned monsters for any Level 7 or higher monster.

Summon two copies of a Dragon monster with this card, and then use Dragonic Tactics to Special Summon a Level 8 Dragon monster from your Deck.

Activate this card's effect to bring out 2 "Tune Warriors", then activate Symbols of Duty to send one of the Warrior monsters to the grave and bring a Level 5 monster from your Graveyard (or Foolish Burial or Armageddon Knight could be used (if it happens to be a DARK monster)). Use them as Synchro Materials for "Stardust Dragon".

If a Level 4 monster is on your field, Special Summon two more Level 4 monsters can be Special Summoned, then use one of the Normal Monsters and your other monster to Summon "Princess Cologne (card)|Princess Cologne". When your second Normal Monster is destroyed at the end of the turn, the effect of "Cologne" can be used to Summon a powerful monster from your Deck, like Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Millennium Shield. This works especially well combined with Supply Squad.

Special Summon 2 copies of Metalfoes Goldriver, Metalfoes Silverd or Metalfoes Steelen and then use them to Link Summon "Heavymetalfoes Electrumite".