Astuces du Wikia

This card can be searched via Dark Sage, Ancient Gear Drill, Alchemic Magician, "Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch", Left Arm Offering, Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu, Hidden Armory, Power Tool Dragon, Vylon Cube, Vylon Delta, Vylon Sigma and Fairy Tail - Rella.

Equip this card to a Level 4 or 5 monster so it can attack while Gravity Bind or Level Limit - Area B is on the field.

Equip this card to a Level 4 or 3 Aqua type monster so it can gain 1200 ATK with Wetlands.

When used on a Level 3 Monster Cards|monster, making it Level 1, it can be equipped with Opti-Camouflage Armor making capable of attacking Direct Attack|directly.

You can equipped|equip Demotion to a level 4 or 5 Monster Cards|monster your opponent controls and attack it with Nanobreaker to destroy it with Nanobreaker's effect.

Equipped to a level 4 Normal Monster, you can then use the League of Uniform Nomenclature to swarm the field with three 1800-2000 attackers, also allowing you to use Delta Attacker.

In a normal monster deck, this will increase the usefulness of Amulet of Ambition, giving them more power when attacking virtually any monster.

Use this card on an opposing monster to reduce its Level, summon an Allure Queen LV3|Allure Allure Queen LV5|Queen Allure Queen LV7|monster and then absorb that monster using Allure Queen's effect.

This card can be very useful if you're trying to Synchro Summon.

* This can also mess up an opponent's Synchro Summon strategy.

Equip to level 4 or 5 monsters on your opponents side of the field to reduce their level to 3 or lower, then summon Possessed Dark Soul to gain control of it/them(in case of multiple copies of Demotion).

This card may also be useful on a Level 8 or 7 Fusion Monster or Ritual Monster when you are trying to use Fusion Weapon or Ritual Weapon.

Use this card on a Level 4 or lower before you Synchro Summon Junk Warrior to increase Junk Warrior's attack.

Use this to help level 5 and 6 Dark monsters benefit from Shadow Delver's effect.

This card is quite useful against Fortune Lady|Fortune Ladies because their ATK and DEF is determined by their Level.

Search for this card with Power Tool Dragon and equip it, then tune with Morphtronic Scopen or Morphtronic Remoten for Life Stream Dragon. Not only will this allow Life Stream's summoning, but will provide fodder for it's "Save myself" effect.