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This card can be searched by Dogu, Single Purchase, Chaos Zone, Fusion Conscription and Fusion Reserve.

This card can be used in a Dark World Deck, since almost all of the monsters in that archetype are Fiend-Type.

* Tribute Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World for this card's effect, since that monster can easily be revived multiple times by its own Summoning condition.

Remember that Fiend-Type Token Monsters|Tokens can be used as well as regular Fiend-Type monsters for this card's Summon.

Ways to quickly get Fiend-Type monsters onto the field in order to Summon this card include:

* Normal Summoning Tour Guide From the Underworld and using her effect to bring out another Fiend-Type monster.

* Garbage Lord can be Special Summoned from your hand by paying 2000 Life Points.

* Activate Fires of Doomsday. However, you won't be able to Summon other monsters during the same turn. So, try and activate it during your opponent's End Phase.

* Tribute Summon a DARK monster with Metabo Globster to Summon 3 Fiend-Type "Metabo Tokens".

* Summon Kuriboh and activate Multiply. Tribute 3 of the "Kuriboh Tokens" to Special Summon "Raviel".

* Activate the Trap Card DNA Surgery and select "Fiend". Then activate Scapegoat and tribute 3 "Sheep Tokens" to Summon this card.

* Normal Summon Phantom Skyblaster while you already control another monster, which produces 2 Fiend-Type "Skyblaster Tokens" to accompany "Phantom Skyblaster" as Tributes.

* Activate Nightmare Archfiends and use Owner's Seal/Remove Brainwashing to take control of the Fiend-Type "Nightmare Archfiend Tokens".

* Special summon Grinder Golem to your opponent's side of the field and use Owner's Seal/Remove Brainwashing to take control of it. Then tribute it and the Fiend-Type "Grinder Tokens".

* Use the effect of Puppet Master.

* Use the collective effects of the "Malicevorous" monsters.

* Use the effect of Giant Germ to Special Summon 2 more copies after it's destroyed.

* When you Special Summon Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy and your opponent controls a face-up monster, combo with Inferno Reckless Summon to bring out another 2 copies.

* Use the effect of D-Boyz to bring out 2 more copies of itself. If the first "D-Boyz" wasn't destroyed by battle after it was flipped face-up, you now have suitable Tributes to Summon this card.

* Use the collective effects of the "Crashbug" monsters.

** Afterwards, you can Summon Super Crashbug, assuming that all the Tributed monsters went to the Graveyard.

Use Light of Intervention to prevent your opponent from Normal Setting. They'll be forced to Normal Summon instead, which helps to generate more "Phantasm Tokens".

After this card is Summoned, Dark Necrofear can be easily Summoned afterwards due to the Tributes.

Use this card as a Fusion Material Monster for Evil HERO Dark Gaia, as it is tied with Darkness Neosphere and The Wicked Dreadroot for having the highest ATK of any Fiend-Type monster.

* This card is also tied with those monsters for having the highest DEF of any Fiend-Type monster.

With this card's effect, Goblin King will gain more ATK from each Phantasm Token this card produces, along with this card itself.

Combo with Token Stampede to protect your tokens.

Combo with Dark Ruler Ha Des, perhaps bringing it out with a "Phantasm Token".