Astuces du Wikia

Using it with Prime Material Dragon or Rainbow Life will have you gain 2000 Life Points instead of taking damage after using the Spell Card taken from your opponent's Graveyard.

* As an alternative, you can use Barrel Behind the Door or Spell of Pain to deflect that damage to your opponent.

Other damage-negation effects include One Day of Peace, Cyber Kirin, Black-Winged Dragon, Des Wombat, Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment, Damage Mage and Hanewata.

You can also use this card as part of a chain when your opponent activates an effect to retrieve a Spell Card from their Graveyard. You won't be able to use that Spell (unless this is done during your turn), but your opponent won't be able to bring it back to their hand either.

Use this card to add an opponent's Spell to your hand, then banish for the Special Summon of Monoceros.

You can use the Spell Card retrieved by it for effects that require a Spell Card as a specific cost, such as Summoner Monk. You also won't take the damage when doing so.

If your opponent used a card like Megamorph or Unstable Evolution, this card's damage effect can help you use it.