Astuces du Wikia

Use this when Deep Diver is destroyed to put up to 3 of your necessary monsters at the top of your Deck. This can greatly benefit an "Forbidden One|Exodia" Deck.

Use this cards effect to Summon "Medusa Worms", "Golem Sentrys" or Summon Mine Golem to do a lot of effect damage.

You can stall your opponent by Summoning 2 Command Knight, Catnipped Kitty, Dupe Frog, Golem Dragon or Magician's Valkyria.

You can Summon extra copies of Warrior Lady of the Wasteland (for searching), Amazoness Swords Woman (for its effect), Jutte Fighter or Comrade Swordsman of Landstar (for easy Synchro Summoning).

Activate when Ultimate Baseball Kid is destroyed. If you can revive the original copy of "Ultimate Baseball Kid" (with Limit Reverse, Monster Reborn, The Warrior Returning Alive, etc), then you have three 2500 ATK monsters.

For Spellcaster-themed Decks, this card is good for Special Summoning copies of "Magician's Valkyria", Dark Red Enchanter and Royal Magical Library.

You can use Alchemy Cycle to decrease the attack of a strong monster, and Summon two copies of it.

Aqua Chorus can be used to power up your other monsters.

Symbol of Heritage can be used when your opponent destroys or you Tribute the other 2 monsters.

This helps with Submarineroid, Black Stego or Little-Winguard, who have effects that let them turn to defense mode.

This card really lets you stack your searcher monsters with defense higher than their attack. For example, you can use "Warrior Lady of the Wasteland" to get Hero Kid to fill up your monster zones. You can also use Howling Insect to get Pinch Hopper to really let you swarm with Insects and Pyramid Turtle with Zombies.

Skilled White Magician can work with this card, presumably letting you get 2 "Buster Bladers" out if you can get 3 Spell Counters.

Necro Gardna will let you get the other 2 thanks to this card, letting you negate 2 more attacks once they enter the Graveyard.

This card can be very useful in a "Morphtronic" Deck. Morphtronic Clocken, Morphtronic Remoten, Morphtronic Boarden and Morphtronic Scopen naturally have higher defense than attack. Since this card goes by current attack, Morphtronic Radion makes this card compatible with almost any "Morphtronic" monster - even itself.