Astuces du Wikia

This card can be searcher|searched by Dark Sage, Ancient Gear Drill, Alchemic Magician, "Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch", "Magical Burst", and Left Arm Offering.

While the target of this card's effect must be Level 2 or lower, the monster summoned from the Deck doesn't. This card can be used with Ronintoadin to Special Summon Des Frog, or Cyber Dragon Core to Special Summon Cyber Dragon.

Star Blast can be used to reduce any monster's Level to 2, albeit at a price of 500-5000 Life Points, depending on the original Level. The same goes with Falling Current, but at the cost of absolutely nothing (just remember of choosing level 2 or 1)

In a Beast Synchro deck, use this card to Special Summon a second Dark Desertapir, in order to get an a extra monster when it is banished.

In a "Watt" Deck, this card can be used to Special Summon Watthopper, forming a lockdown.