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This card can be searched by Single Purchase, Temple of the Kings, Painful Escape, Sangan, "Downbeat", Ties of the Brethren, "Number 29: Mannequin Cat", "Rescue Ferret", Transmodify, Broken Blocker, Soul Rope, Resonator Engine, Vampire Dragon, Summoner Monk, Dragunity Corsesca, Shining Angel, Photon Veil, Chaos Zone, Machina Armored Unit, UFOroid, Biofalcon, Gear Gigant X, Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf, Cyber Repair Plant and another "Jade Knight".

Summon this card and activate Torrential Tribute, leaving this card the only monster on the field (And any other of your monsters that this card protects).

This card would work very well with Falchionβ and Blue Thunder T-45 in A-to-Z|A-to-Z Decks. Combined with Lightwave Tuning you can perform Beatdown, Union equip, Contact Fusion or Synchro Summon.

Best used in a Cyber Eltanin Deck along with the A-to-Z Union monsters and Cyber Dragon/Proto-Cyber Dragon thrown in for good measure. Since Cyber Dragon Zwei has been released you can add it for more of a chance to get out Cyber End Dragon or Cyber Twin Dragon little quickly.