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This card can be searched by Single Purchase, Temple of the Kings, Transmodify, Broken Blocker, Resonator Engine, Arnis, the Empowered Warrior , Vampire Dragon, Magician's Circle, Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior, Mystic Tomato, Dark General Freed, Creeping Darkness, Soul Rope, Dragunity Corsesca, Chaos Zone, The Grand Spellbook Tower, Spellbook Star Hall, Dark Renewal, Lemon Magician Girl, Ebon High Magician, Magician Navigation, Dark Horizon, Startime Magician and another "Summoner Monk".

You can Normal Summon this card and equip it with either Heart of Clear Water or Mist Body in the same turn. Since it will be in Defense Position, you will be safe from battle damage (except from piercing effects) and this card cannot be destroyed by battle.

You can use this card's effect to summon Witch of the Black Forest, before setting up or performing a Link Summon. Then you could use "Witch's" effect to search a monster like a "Forbidden One" or a Hand Trap. Keep in mind that if you search a monster with "Witch's" effect, you can't use it in the same turn.

This card works well in an "Oja Snipe" Deck. Discard Ojamagic to Special Summon Snipe Hunter, and discard the subsequent "Ojamas" to attempt to clear your opponent's field.

* This card also works well in a "Ritual" Deck as Preparation of Rites can return a Ritual Spell from the grave to hand, meaning you can discard a Ritual Spell with relatively low cost. And even go for the Summon of Djinn Presider of Rituals to set of a Ritual Monster that'll give draw power.

In a Spellcaster themed Deck, discard Magical Blast for this card's cost. You can easily recycle it during your next turn. You can then use "Magical Blast" when you've filled all your monster slots using "Summoner Monk" to inflict 1000 damage.

The above strategy can also work in a "Gladiator Beast" Deck, as you can add cards to your hand using the effect of "Gladiator Beast", and use card trader to draw a card during your standby phase. Alternatively, you can discard Indomitable Gladiator Beast.

Discard a card to Special Summon Sacred Crane and draw a card with its effect.

Discard Galaxy Cyclone so you can use it's effect later, lessening the loss of a Spell Card.

This card is also invaluable in a Macro Cosmos Deck. It can Special Summon "D.D. Survivors", raises consistency by using extra copies of "Dimensional Fissures", allows for extra draw power with Allure of Darkness, allows for quick Synchros with Rose, Warrior of Revenge, and makes Grand Convergence a more viable option.

* This strategy is an easy way to Summon Dark End Dragon or other Level 8 Synchros.

This card can potentially work well in a "A-to-Z" Deck - it is able to Summon any of the five "A-to-Z" monsters, so getting the last one you're missing is relatively easy thanks to this card.

Search out Rose, Warrior of Revenge, The Fabled Rubyruda, Mist Valley Soldier, Flamvell Magician, Scrap Beast, Bri Synchron, Top Runner, Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts, Hyper Synchron or Vylon Prism to instantly Special Summon a Level 8 Synchro Monster.

* On that same note, search out Road Synchron to be able to Special Summon a Level 6 Synchro Monster, if the situation calls for it.

This card will work exceptionally well in a "HERO" Deck, being able to Summon Elemental HERO Wildheart since it's unaffected by Trap Cards, Elemental HERO Stratos, to recruit more "HEROes" or destroy Spell or Trap Cards and/or Elemental HERO Heat to give him a quick boost. Elemental HERO Woodsman can repeatedly retrieve Polymerization to satisfy this card's discard cost. Or recruit Elemental HERO Bubbleman to Special Summon from your hand if its the only card in hand left after you set or played your cards, then overlay "Stratos" and "Bubbleman" to Xyz Summon Heroic Champion - Excalibur, then activate its effect, then play Miracle Fusion to banish "Bubbleman" and "Stratos" to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO Absolute Zero. Also it can be used to search out "Stratos" use the second effect of "Stratos" to add Destiny HERO - Plasma then using "Summoner Monk" and "Stratos" as Xyz Materials Xyz Summon Lavalval Chain using Chain's effect send Dandylion and Special Summon two "Fluff Tokens", with three monsters now on the field you can Tribute them for the Summon of "Plasma".

Summon Exiled Force to destroy a monster.

* You can discard Reinforcement of the Army to make it free

Special Summon Armageddon Knight and use its effect to send Shaddoll Dragon to the Graveyard to destroy a Spell/Trap your opponent's control, then Xyz Summon Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer by using "Summoner Monk" and "Armageddon Knight" to send both "Armageddon Knight" and "Summoner Monk" to the Graveyard and shuffle 1 face-up card your opponent control into the deck. So because you have 3 DARK monster in your Graveyard, (Summoner Monk, Armageddon Knight and Shaddoll Dragon) you can Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon.

* A similar strategy is also useful in a Wight deck. Special Summon "Armageddon Knight" and use its effect to send Wightprince to the graveyard, which would also send Skull Servant and The Lady in Wight to the graveyard. Then, XYZ summon Lavalval Chain using "Summoner Monk" and "Armageddon Knight", then use its effect to send a second "Wightprince" to the graveyard, which would send a second copy of both "Skull Servant" and "The Lady in Wight" to the graveyard, which would increase the ATK of "The King of the Skull Servants" by 6000.

This card can summon Cannon Soldier to start one of the possible OTK's that heavily involves "Cannon Soldier".

In a "Zombie" Deck, Special Summon Zombie Master or Paladin of the Cursed Dragon, then use their effect to Special Summon another monster you can attack with.

Another Zombie swarm tactic is to use "Summoner Monk" to Summon a second "Summoner Monk", then use it's effect to Summon a "Zombie Master" who you can use to Summon a Blue-Blooded Oni. Xyz Summon a "Summoner Monk" and "Zombie Master" into a Gem-Knight Pearl, use "Blue-Blooded Oni" to remove and Special Summon the "Zombie Master" Xyz Material whose effect is now reset. Then Xyz Summon again to clear up space for further Summoning.

This card fit in a "Volcanic" Deck for a free Special Summon. Discard one Blaze Accelerator. Summon Volcanic Rocket and recover your discarded "Blaze Accelerator".

In a "Gemini" Deck search out Gemini Scorpion, which will then Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Gemini monster from your hand.

This card works very well in a "Crystal Beast Synchro" Deck. Since a "Crystal Beast" Deck uses many Spell Cards, it's easy to find cards to discard. Also, aside from Special Summoning Level 4 Tuner monsters, it can bring out Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus, allowing you to fill up your Spell & Trap Card Zone faster.

You can use the effect of this card for a quick Xyz Summon.

* Combine this card with Xyz Monster and Thunder King Rai-Oh. Using two copies of this card to Xyz Summon Steelswarm Roach.

This card may also be used along with Inferno Reckless Summon with a monster that has 1500 ATK or less to Special Summon 2 additional monsters that can attack this turn. This is useful for archetypes such as "Watt".

In a "Gem-Knight" Deck, discard Gem-Knight Fusion to the Graveyard to Summon practically any "Gem-Knight" monster from your Deck for practically any cost

* Use it to Xyz Summon an Rank 4 monster or Fusion Summon with another from your field or Graveyard.

* Special Summon an Gem-Knight Alexandrite and use his effect to summon a "Gem-Knight" Normal Monster from the Deck who can attack this turn .

Use his effect to Special Summon a Genex Blastfan and add a DARK "Genex" monster from your Deck to you hand.

You can easily Summon a Rank 4 Xyz Monster that requires three Xyz Materials by Special Summoning a second "Summoner Monk" with the the effect of the first "Monk", and using the second effect of "Summoner Monk" to bring out another Level 4 monster, then overlay them for a powerhouse such as Number 32: Shark Drake.

An especially strong combo is to first Summon "Summoner Monk", the use its effect to Summon a second "Summoner Monk". Use the effect of the second one to bring out Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite. Xyz Summon a "Lavalval Chain" with "Summoner Monk" and "Zephyros", and use Chain's effect to send Plaguespreader Zombie to the Graveyard by detaching "Zephyros". Special Summon "Zephyros" by returning any face up card, and "Plaguespreader" with its own effect. Synchro Summon a Level 6 Synchro Monster with "Zephyros" and "Plaguespreader", or a Level 10 with the second "Summoner Monk", "Zephyros" and "Plaguespreader".