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This card can be searched by Dogu, Single Purchase, Temple of the Kings, Transmodify, Serpentine Princess, Vampire Dragon, Sphere of Chaos, UFO Turtle, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince, Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation, Dread Dragon, Dragonic Guard, Draconnection, Dragunity Corsesca, Sangan, "Rescue Ferret", Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg, Hieratic Dragon King of Atum and another "Masked Dragon".

Use "Masked Dragon's" effect to get out Delta Flyer which is a versatile Tuner monster for Synchro Summons.

In a Graveyard Dragon Power Deck, use a copy of this card to search another "Masked Dragon", and when that one is destroyed, search another one. Once that one is destroyed by battle, use it to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Baby Dragon" and repeat the process, using the last one to search Red-Eyes B. Dragon. By the time you summon Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, you will have at least 7 Dragons in your Graveyard.

"Masked Dragon" works well with Cyberdark Keel, Cyberdark Horn and Cyberdark Edge, giving them +1400 ATK. Plus it will let you search out and summon a new Dragon.

"Masked Dragon" works well at helping to get enough Dragons into the Graveyard for Dragon's Mirror.

Use "Masked Dragon" to Special Summon Armed Dragon LV3 to the Field before your opponent ends his/her turn. When your opponent ends his/her turn, during your next standby phase you may then use "Armed Dragon LV3's" effect to Special Summon Armed Dragon LV5 to the Field.

"Masked Dragon" is one of the few searchers that will allow you to Special Summon its new recruit in Defense Position. Use this to your advantage.

* Even better, you can use Time Machine so you can Special Summon this card as soon it reaches the Graveyard while Special Summoning another Dragon from your Deck, giving double defense on your field. Try to Special Summon Debris Dragon by this effect to Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon on your next turn if you're in a tight situation.

By using Foolish Burial you can load the graveyard down with level 7 monsters. When "Masked Dragon" is Destroyed you can then retrieve a Decoy Dragon to bring back the Dragons recently sent to the graveyard, or at least, stall your opponent.

A great way to defend yourself from an onslaught of your opponent's attacks is to Set "Masked Dragon". When it's destroyed in battle, search out a second "Masked Dragon". Then, when that one is destroyed, do it again, and once your third "Masked Dragon" is destroyed, Special Summon Troop Dragon and start the protection by using those as well.

This is an easy way to get out Five-Headed Dragon by Dragon's Mirror.

Use Pot of Avarice to start the protection again.

When you have another monster out, make this "Masked Dragon" attack a stronger monster to Summon a Magna Drago and Synchro Summon for a Synchro Monster.

The advantage this card has over "Dread Dragon" is that it can search out dragons higher than level 3, such as Golem Dragon and Darkblaze Dragon.

Use this card to Special Summon The White Stone of Legend, then use it for a Synchro Summon or as a Tribute Summon for a Level 5 Monster Cards|Level 5 or Level 6 Monster Cards|Level 6 monster, and then add Blue-Eyes White Dragon to your hand.

Use this card to Special Summon any Dragon-type Tuner, and make sure you have Keeper of the Shrine in your Hand and/or Graveyard. Since "Keeper of the Shrine" can be Special Summoned when "Masked Dragon" is destroyed by battle, you will have two Dragons that you can use for Synchro Summon Level 6 Monster Cards|Level 6 or Level 7 Monster Cards|Level 7 monster. Or you can Normal Summon another mnster to Synchro Summon high-leveled monster like Star Eater or Trident Dragion.