Astuces du Wikia

This card can be used to get out Level 4 monsters that can't be Normal Summoned/Set like Rare Metal Dragon or Wulf, Lightsworn Beast.

This card's effect can be used to actually ''search'' for a ''searcher'' monster from your Deck like; Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, Giant Rat and others, so long as they are Level 4 and there is no need to waste a Normal Summon to get the searcher on the field.

This card can also be used to Special Summon a Level 4 monster whose effect activates when they are Special Summoned such as; Field-Commander Rahz, Armageddon Knight, Sacred Crane, etc. or one who can swarm the field by Special Summoning more monsters, like; Summoner Monk.

Use in combination with Offering to the Snake Deity to clear the opponent's field and Summon another monster; especially effective after a successful attack.

A good combo involves using this card after playing Limit Reverse. That way, this card can be used by just switching the Special Summoned monster to Defense Position and getting a potentially stronger monster in return. This combo works even better when "Limit Reverse" is used on a searcher monster, like Mermail Abysslinde, Reptilianne Gardna, etc.

Use this card to Summon Level 4 Tuner monster or "Summoner Monk" to perform a quick Synchro Summon.

This card works well with Swing of Memories.

This card is also very useful with field-wiping cards such as Torrential Tribute, Red Dragon Archfiend and others.

This card work very well in a "Six Samurai" Deck.

This card is useful in a "Scrap" Deck, as the monster's effects activate in conjunction with this card.

Use this card with UFO Turtle to Special Summon 2 "Solar Flare Dragons" simultaneously, which both can't be attacked due to their effects.