Astuces du Wikia

Use this card along with Fatal Abacus or Skull Invitation to create multiple Ghost Tokens in a turn.

You can use this card with Dark Snake Syndrome to halve the damage you would receive. Combine this in a Yubel deck to generate a token to pay for the cost of keeping Yubel on the field.

You can use your own card effect which can deal Damage to your Life Points such as Tremendous Fire, Zombie Mammoth, Storm Caller, Psychokinesis, Graverobber, and halve that Damage, then during End Phase you can get any Ghost Token.

The Ghost Token can be used as a Tribute or Tribute Fodder, use it for Crush Card Virus or high-level Monster.

If you manage to get three, you can Summon Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, Destiny HERO - Plasma, or any of the Egyptian Gods or Wicked Gods.

Very effective against Chain Strike decks.