Astuces du Wikia

This card can be searcher|searched by Dark Sage, Ancient Gear Drill, Alchemic Magician, "Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch", Left Arm Offering, Watch Dog and The Despair Uranus.

After your Scrap-Iron Scarecrow or Scrap-Iron Statue has Set itself with its own effect, you can use this card to activate it again within that turn.

Since this card is a Continuous Spell Card that can activate Continuous Trap Cards quickly, it can be used in an Sacred Beast Deck#Armityle Deck|Armityle Deck.

To use this card's second effect, you can use Phantom of Chaos to copy the name of Mystical Beast of Serket in order to avoid having to Tribute for it.

Use this card in a "Paleozoic" deck to speed up your ability to use the archetype's Trap Cards, and by extension, your ability to Special Summon those Trap Cards from your Graveyard as Normal Monsters.