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This card can be searcher|searched by Dark Sage, Ancient Gear Drill, "Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch", Left Arm Offering, Terraforming, An Owl of Luck, Demise of the Land, Ancient Fairy Dragon, Madolche Butlerusk, Planet Pathfinder, Pop-Up, "Metaverse", and "Set Rotation".

This card's effect complements the abilities of Mist Valley Thunder Lord and Mist Valley Shaman: it can return re-useable WIND monsters such as Raiza the Storm Monarch, Vortex Trooper and Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird to your hand while Special Summoning another WIND monster from your Deck.

You can return this card to your hand for the effect of Mist Valley Apex Avian.

This card allows you to use Compulsory Evacuation Device to save your WIND monsters while preventing you from losing field presence.

* Alongside Swallow's Nest you can even gain two extra attacks in one turn or avoid two targeting effects.

This card allows you to use Sound the Retreat! to save your WIND monsters while preventing you from losing advantage.

Use this card with Mist Valley Shaman, Mist Valley Falcon or Mist Valley Thunder Lord.

Use with Winged Rhynos. It needs no other monsters to work, and if neither player sparks its effect, it still has a cool 1800 ATK.

Use this card with WIND Gemini monsters like Gemini Soldier, Lucky Pied Piper, and Tuned Magician that rely on Super Double Summon while you have other Level 4 WIND monsters in you Deck, as Super Double Summon returns from field to hand|returns monsters from the field to your hand.

Return Mist Valley Thunderbird with Mist Condor or Mist Valley Falcon and activate the effect of this card to Special Summon another WIND monster while returning "Thunderbird" to your side of the field.

This card, alongside with Genex Blastfan, Genex Ally Birdman and Ancient Fairy Dragon can create a loop of searching and swarming cards from the Deck to the field.

* When "Divine Wind of Mist Valley|Divine Wind" is on the field, summon "Genex Blastfan|Blastfan", activate its effect to search "Birdman". Special Summon "Birdman" by returning "Blastfan", its effect allow you to special summon another "Blastfan" from your deck and search for another "Birdman". Synchro Summon "Ancient Fairy Dragon" using the "Blastfan" and "Birdman" on the field as Synchro Material and activates its effect to send "Divine Wind" to the Graveyard and search for another "Divine Wind" for the next loop.

** This loop served as important steps in the Divine Wind FTK deck.

Return this card to your hand with Mist Valley Falcon or Mist Valley Thunder Lord to reuse its effect.

Combine this card with Reborn Tengu and Mist Valley Falcon. Attack with your "Tengu" and then attack with your "Falcon" by returning the "Tengu" to your hand, allowing you to Special Summon another Reborn Tengu and a WIND monster from this card's effect. If you Special Summon another Mist Valley Falcon, you can attack with the second "Tengu" and then return him to your hand to attack with your second "Falcon" too, Special Summoning a third "Reborn Tengu". Attack with the third "Reborn Tengu" for game.

By activating a newly Summoned "Harpie Dancer's" effect, you not only activate this cards effect to Special Summon, but you also get to Normal Summon again; this allows you to get a Synchro or an Xyz Monster easily ([ video).

Use this card in a "Yosenju" deck to take advantage of their monsters' effects to return themselves to the hand.

If you have WIND Attribute Beasts, you can use Beast Soul Swap to gain 2 monsters.

* Activate the Trap Monster Quantum Cat and declare WIND. When this card is added back to the hand, you can use it again. Also remember it is still considered a Trap, so it can be returned to the hand both by cards that affect Traps and cards that affect monsters.

With this card in play, return a WIND-Attribute monster with Relieve Monster while you have a Level 4 monster in your hand and a Level 4 WIND monster in your Deck and gain two monsters, one from the Deck and one from your hand.

* "Ritual Beast" Decks can greatly benefit from this combo by using "Wind-Up" cards like Zenmairch and Overwind to return your Wind-Up Juggler and Wind-Up Bat to the hand.

While Divine Wind of Mist Valley is in play, you can combo Begone, Knave! with a WIND Attribute direct attacker (like Sonic Shooter) and get a free Special Summon replacement monster so you can reuse the returned card for another direct attack.

Use this card with an Attribute-modification card like DNA Transplant and any card that returns your monsters from field to hand.

*Use this combo with Kuribon and the correct WIND monsters in you Deck to make a continuous flow of monsters.

Add Spring of Rebirth to any of the return to hand combinations to gain 500 LP each return and gain the ability to Special Summon from your Deck.