Astuces du Wikia

This card can be searcher|searched by Dark Sage, Ancient Gear Drill and Alchemic Magician.

As "Draconia", "Igknight", and "Metalfoes" Decks often run multiple copies of their Normal Monsters, this card can be used to search any of their Level 4 or lower monster, usually to search either ends of their Pendulum Scales.

* In "Metalfoes" Deck, any monster sent to the Graveyard this way can be recovered by using either Metalfoes Combination or Metalfoes Mithrilium.

Use this card as a means to put Normal Monsters in your Graveyard to later banish with Dragon's Mirror as Fusion Materials for First of the Dragons.

Any Normal Pendulum Monster sent to the Graveyard with this card can be recycled with Pot of Riches or recovered to the hand with Dark Factory of Mass Production.

This card can also be helpful in a "Wight" Deck, sending a Skull Servant to the Graveyard while searching for another one.

* Activate One for One and discard the "Skull Servant" that was added to your hand, in order to Special Summon King of the Skull Servants; with this combo (this card + "One for One") your Deck will be thinned while powering "King" by at least 2000 points.

Use this card in tandem with Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord to either power it up or fulfilling the Summoning condition.