Astuces du Wikia

This card is great for dumping cards for Fusion Summons, Synchro Summons, activate|activating effects from the Graveyard like Glow-Up Bulb, etc.

"Magical Stone Excavation" requires a high cost to fulfill, but there are cards that can be used to soften the blow. Treeborn Frog can be discarded, enabling you to Special Summon it next turn; you can also discard Night Assailant, which means you can reclaim a Flip Effect Monster, and Dandylion for two tokens.

* In a "Fabled" Deck, you can discard monsters like Fabled Krus, The Fabled Cerburrel and others, as they will be Special Summoned or have their effects activated when used as a cost to this card.

"Magical Stone Excavation" works well in a Diamond Dude Turbo Deck as it can be used without paying its cost when used with "Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude|Diamond Dude" or can discard "Destiny HERO - Dasher|Dasher" or "Destiny HERO - Malicious|Malicious", whose effects activate in the Graveyard.

This card works great in "Elemental HERO" and "Evil HERO" Fusion Decks to set up a combo by sending 2 "Elemental HEROes", or Evil HERO Dark Gaia material monsters, to the Graveyard and regaining a Fusion Spell such as Miracle Fusion or Dark Calling.

Recycling Batteries, if retrieved, allows you to place two Thunder-Type monsters with ATK of 1500 or less in your hand. "Magical Stone Excavation" will let you discard monsters you may not be able to use, and still replenish your hand-size the same amount. This works well in "Batteryman" Decks.

This card is a good alternative to Spell Reclamation, as the cost is essentially the same, however you can use the Spell Card on the same turn you get it.

* This card is also simply a more powerful version of "Spell Reproduction", being that it is less specific.

Use this card to discard Ojamagic, and bring back a powerful card useful in an "Ojama" Deck, such as Polymerization or Ojama Country while adding 3 the main three "Ojamas" to your hand.

This card works well in a "Crystal Beast" Deck. Activate Crystal Blessing, then activate this card discarding 2 "Crystal Beasts" choosing "Crystal Blessing". You can use again "Crystal Blessing" you returned to your hand targeting the 2 cards discarded before and you are ready to use Crystal Abundance.

This card can be used to discard targets for Infernity Necromancer, allowing you to ensure a "handless combo" and build field presence.

You can use this card to reuse Rekindling and send "Flamvell" monsters to the Graveyard.

You can discard 2 Equip Spell Cards to retrieve Vylon Matter, and activate "Vylon Matter" to return those Equip Spell Cards.